HR issues

Every HR team faces problems both in the running of their department and in the consistent enforcement of policies across the company in general. Here some of the most pressing HR issues facing teams in the UK and solutions to how they can be addressed.

Many people think that the main task of Human Resources is to source and employ new talent. However, the truth is that most HR activities revolve around retaining existing talent. This therefore presents one of the most pressing HR issues, how to retain staff. Employees are the essence of every company, providing the skills and knowledge required to keep maximum production levels high. The company will have also invested a substantial amount of time and money into the employee to ensure maximum productivity from them wherever possible. Employee retention is a balancing act between three components: company culture, salary and incentives. The HR department needs to provide each employee with the right combination of all three to satisfy them without compromising company interests in the process. They also need to keep accurate records of these combinations to ensure that the agreed packages are being delivered to employees.

Although not the most pressing task recruitment is still an essential part of HR. recruitment might be needed to complement the existing workforce or to replace staff who have left the company. Recruitment is the second major HR issues facing departments as it takes a significant amount of time, money and effort to go through the recruitment process. Another HR issues often faced in recruitment is finding staff with the correct blend of skills right for the company, even when the pool of available candidates is relatively large. Whether recruitment is handled solely by the internal HR department, or with the assistance of a third-party recruitment company, it is essential that the process is managed effectively and good communication channels are paramount. Some companies use a HR software platform which allows for storage of applications, CVs and contact details for easy analysis and comparison. This will significantly speed up the recruitment process while preventing a drop in productivity or morale, however it Is a large investment for a small company which might dissuade some new start-up businesses from using it .

Raising and maintaining productivity levels are another HR issues. Raising an maintaining productivity levels basically means to ensure that the business is operating in a timely and cost effective manner. When productivity is low the HR department steps in and conducts a time and motion study to determine who does what and the data is then used to out if the problem is caused by poor working practices or an absence of resources. A business analysis can sometimes be brought in to interpreted the results of the study and identify possible places where productivity can be improved and sometimes this can even pave the way for future capital investment to improve productivity and conditions.

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