Truth Legal Podcast with me Ashley Heeley

I talk about HR Consultancy and how to keep your employees happy on a podcast with truth legal, below you will find Time Stamped Notes:

40s: Ashley Heeley’s business is Heeley Resourcing which offers people management advice to employers and employees. He has been there for 3 years but has received his 30 year CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development) certificate.

1min 38s: Which corportations has he worked fore? Most notably Motorolla in Swindon, an American company. He worked in the engineering and research department overlooking 300 people. Also Cytec in Bradford overlooking 2000 people including line management in Paris, Madrid and Dusseldorf.

4min 21s: What does he do? Ashley’s typical client is small businesses which can’t afford an HR department in their business. It involves dealing with policy development and training.

5min 20s: Making employees happy is very important. Many businesses throw money at their employees but they don’t stay. You need to set out your expectations for your employees and communicate with them to make them stay.

7mins 58s: What is psychometric testing? This is to do with the recruitment process to get information on how people behave and operate at work and their basic ability. It works with words and logical reasoning which doesn’t change.

9mins 52s: Can you get values from this? Talent Q looks at personality, there is another one for motivations and from these you can pick out the values to see if the employer and employee match.

11mins 9s: Top tips for employers? Talk to the staff more than an annual appraisal or 6 month review.

13mins 4s: How do you break this mould? Get rid of the annual appraisal and have regular one-to-ones and work out what their skill in the office is.

16mins 37s: Disability discrimination is complicated. Ashely discusses a case involving Mr Charlesworth who had cancer and had surgery. He was off for 6 weeks and they decided they could operate without him and also save money. It was a genuine redundancy to save money.

22mins 50s: What about trade unions? Advice for employers, don’t be scared and again, communicate.

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