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Heeley Resourcing are business HR Consultants for small to medium sized businesses in York and Selby. We provide HR starter packs designed for businesses thinking about employing someone for the first time. These provide all the HR documents needed to employ someone i.e. contracts of employment, employee handbook, form etc.

We also offer free HR Audits to see if your existing documentation is compliant. We check whether this is primarily focusing on performance management, management training and development. We will show how to get the most from your team by putting robust/workable HR solutions in place that add value.

HR Issues can often occur in the fast changing business environment. There are many HR management challenges that continue to evolve over the years with a new business or long standing business. Heeley Resourcing, are HR consultants focused on the fact that HR really needs to be contributing real business value to organisations. Companies need to recognise that they need to take steps to retain their workforce or improve productivity. This should be through an improved focus on training and engagement programs. Or by investing in areas that will optimize expenditure. These could be areas such as integrated technology systems or improved employee attraction schemes. As a business grows introducing a HR consultant allows the business to prepare to get the most out of their resources and staff and maximise profits.

Psychometric testing is a common method for measuring a potential employees cognitive abilities and behaviour. Psychometric assessments are built to test a persons ability for a position subject to the personality characteristics best suited for that position including aptitude (or cognitive abilities). Psychometric tests will reveal the extent to which personality and cognitive abilities align with those required to work in the position. Companies can use the data from the psychometric test to uncover hidden facets of potential employees that are hard to reveal from an initial first interview. This allows the HR manager in charge of hiring to identify that you have fulfilled the initial requirements for the position by reviewing your CV , they will then send out a letter with steps for conducting the psychometric test. The end result of the test is to weed out early those employees who are unsuitable for the the position available and therefore whittle the applicants down further. You can find out more here: Psychometric testing

Client's Views

  • "I worked with Ashley for a number of years on Cytec's Bradford site. Many major changes were implemented during the time Ashley was on the site. Ashley has a knack for getting things organised and, in a sometimes challenging environment, changes were made quietly and without fuss. With his experience and knowledge he was well respected on the site."

    - Richard Smith - Site Manager, Botanix Ltd
  • "I have contracted Ashley to perform HR work for Carlton on several occasions over the last few years. The contracted work always involved complicated cases of disciplinary and grievance hearings. Ashley performs his work to a high standard, ensuring risk to the company is well managed. Ashley maintains confidentiality and ensures that he acts appropriately as an external HR consultant.

    I would recommend Ashley as an experienced HR consultant to any company. "

    - Hayley Lamb - Group Operational Manager, Carlton Care Group
  • "I worked with Ashley for a number of years. He is a hard working and tenacious HR practioner. He has sound knowledge of HR processes and manages projects well. I have referred him into a number of clients as a Consultant and has gone beyond what is expected to get the job done.. I have no hesitation in recomending him."

    - Gearalt Fahy
  • "Ashley has carried out reference checking on our behalf and he had demonstrated that he shares our values and has provided a speedy, comprehensive and thorough service. he communicates regularly with me and my team and I would have no hesitation to recommend Ashley to anyone should they have any Human Resources requirements."

    - Martin Hinchliffe - Managing Director, Asquith Nannies Ltd.

About me

Ashley Heeley photo

Ashley Heeley

I am a qualified and highly experienced senior HR Professional with generalist expertise. I have the ability to deliver effectively at both a strategic and operational level.

I work in partnership with Gateway HR as a Senior HR Consultant primarily for small and medium sized businesses.


In my free time I enjoy Playing cricket for Selby Cricket club, Cinema, live theatre/music and walking

I also currently volunteer for the Selby Globe Community Cinema, Brayton Belles FC, I manage Selby Cricket Club Intermediate team and am a member of the chair of governors at Brayton High school.

About Talent Q

Talent Q, design and deliver innovative online psychometric assessments, training and consultancy, to help organisations make better, more informed decisions about their people. Founded by Roger Holdsworth, co-founder of SHL, they have a strong technical and psychometric pedigree. They are part of Korn Ferry Hay Group, the global management consultancy firm, and with offices in over 50 countries and assessments in over 40 languages, deliver talent management solutions to clients across the world. Their talent management solutions are used by organisations including: Royal Mail Group, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, TrustFord, B&Q, Deloitte Ireland, UK Power Networks, PartyGaming and many more.


Ability tests, such as Elements, have been scientifically proven to be strong predictors of job performance. They are a measure of “intellectual horsepower”; Elements measures verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills and has been designed specifically for use in graduate, professional, managerial and executive level roles. a) Elements Verbal: The Elements Verbal reasoning test consists of 15 questions based on passages of text. The questions are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to interpret verbal information and reach correct conclusions. There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 75 seconds for the first question on each passage of text and 60 seconds for subsequent questions. The average test completion time is approximately 12 minutes. b) Elements Numerical The Elements Numerical reasoning test consists of 12 questions based on information presented in tables. The questions are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to analyse and draw inferences from numerical information and data. There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 90 seconds for the first question on each table (or set of tables) and 75 seconds for subsequent questions. The average test completion time is approximately 12 minutes. c) Elements Logical The Elements Logical reasoning test consists of 12 questions based on an incomplete series of symbols. The questions are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to analyse abstract information and apply this to determine outcomes and patterns. There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 75 seconds. The average test completion time is approximately 9 minutes.


Dimensions is an online personality questionnaire which assesses key behaviours at work. It has been developed with an emphasis on combining scientific rigour, business relevance and ease of use for the candidate, HR professional and line manager. The Dimensions questionnaire measures personality across three broad domains – People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects, and Drives and Emotions. Each domain includes five traits that reflect those particular aspects of personality that determine, or are most predictive of, successful performance at work. Assessing personality has been proven as an effective predictor of performance at work. This is because we tend to focus more on the kind of tasks we prefer engaging with, and as a consequence we become much more skilled in these areas. Dimensions can be used from senior management roles to managerial, professional, graduate and supervisory levels, across all functions and industry sectors. It is available in 43 languages enabling consistency of assessment across geographic boundaries. Dimensions has undergone thorough research and development in terms of norms, reliability and validity, allowing confidence in the fact that Dimensions is both highly effective and complies with best practice and regulatory guidelines. Dimensions has a unique format combining the ease of simple rating scales with an element of forced-choice to ensure that it is exacting and difficult to fake.


Drives measures an individual’s values and motivations at work. Taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, its purpose is to measure the factors that help stimulate and energise people in their daily working lives. Once you understand what motivates your employees, you will know how to keep them enthusiastic, driven and effective. Drives can help create a positive culture within an organisation, help get people engaged and reduce employee turnover


A number of reports can be obtained from these tests including: a) Trait report (From Dimensions) b) Narrative report (From Dimensions) c) Candidate report (from Dimensions) d) Personality Type (From Dimensions) e) Team Role (From Dimensions) f) Ability linked to personality (Elements and Dimensions) g) Role Match (From Dimensions) h) Competency (From Dimensions) i) Leadership Derailer (From Dimensions) j) Motivations (identifies personal Hot Spots – what energises them and Cold spots – what leaves them disengaged)


The reports can be used for a number of applications: a) The Trait report is very good at identifying key strengths and improvement areas. These can be explored in further during feedback from a qualified practitioner b) The narrative report is for use by managers as it explains the profile in understandable English. The Candidate report is an abridged version of the narrative report and is for the candidates use. c) The personality type and team role reports are ideal for team building sessions and for increasing self-awareness and recognising the impact of certain behaviours may have on others. Also where any gaps in terms of team roles, in a team. d) The role match and Competency reports are ideal for recruitment as it identifies the key competencies in behavioural terms needed to be a success in the job. A good job analysis and work is needed to identify what the key competencies are. We can help in that. e) The ability reports will identify the Intellectual capacity of the individual and/or team and how this links into the personality profile. f) The Leadership Derailer report, identifies those areas of personality which, if over played can be career limiting or derail a career completely. Often it is those areas of personality which have got someone into that position, which can often be the limiters in progressing further. g) The motivations report is good for describing the WHY while personality describes the WHAT. Very good for understanding if as a business, you are providing the things that drive your staff.


The process is very simple. All the tests are on-line. You would provide names and an email address for each person. The individual would then receive an email with an explanation of what they are going to do and a link to the Talent Q site to complete the tests. On the email there will also be a link to a practice site they can access to have a go first before they tackle the tests for real. The Assessments can be completed anywhere as long as they have access to a PC or laptop. It is not recommended that they are completed on a tablet or phone. Once completed, the reports can be pulled off and feedback given or used in a training course or whatever you want to use them for.

Qualified Personnel

Ashley Heeley is a licensed practitioner for Talent Q and had been trained to use, interpret and feedback the results of the assessments. Only a trained practitioner for Talent Q or someone who holds a BPS qualification can do this.


2005 – 2014

Barrett Steel Limited

Group Director of hr

Responsible for HR where they had been no HR presence previously,

Devised and introduced new and up to date HR policies and procedures from scratch,

Advised on HR implications when making acquisitions,

Training and coaching Directors and managers on employee relations issues,

Preparing cases for Employment Tribunals,

Working with the Exec Board on Strategic HR

2003 – 2005

Grantrail Limited - National Network

HR Manager

TUPE issues on contract changes including major contract additions from Jarvis and Balfour Beattie involving over 400 staff,

Handling Grievance and disciplinary issues within a unionised environment,

Responsible for recruitment at all levels,

Advising and coaching Managers ,

Job Evaluations using Hay

1996 – 2003

Cytec (now Kemira) –
Global Chemical Company

European HR Manager (2000-2003)

European HR Manager 2000-2003

Responsible for the European Branch Offices in Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

Organisational development of the EMEA Sales Teams in all the Business Units

Implementation and training in the Performance Management system

Salary Planning across the region and Business Units.

Coaching and mentoring

Link to US head Office in particular when involved in acquisitions.

Site HR Manager 1996 – 2003

Implemented a major restructuring of the site involving difficult negotiations with the Trade Union on the introduction of annualised hours. This resulted in significant cost savings enabling the site to successfully bid for further investment which significantly increased productivity with no increase in labour cost.

Responsible for all HR on site.

1995 - 1996



1992 - 1994



1990 - 1992



1988 - 1990



1986 - 1988




Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD)

To become a Chartered Fellow, you’ll need to have been a Member for at least 10 years and worked consistently at a senior level for at least one year within the last five years. This is a minimum requirement, and to demonstrate the standards it’s likely that you will need more than a year. Your work will usually be entirely strategic in thinking and / or delivery, and require a significant level of complexity.

You’re typically:

• Using your significant expertise in people, work and change to create organisations that value people, and deliver long-term value for the organisation and / or the profession. • Shifting collective mindsets and influencing a wide range of senior stakeholders to change the way organisations think about their people. • Developing evidence-based thinking on topics which shape the profession or drive complex people programmes. • Role-modelling integrity and ethics in your decision making. • Having a strategic impact that fundamentally changes the thinking around people, and has a significant impact in the organisation, sector or profession. • Creating long-term value for the organisation or the profession (value which is sustained for more than a year).
All Chartered Fellows need to:

• Have a full understanding of people practices across a range of specialisms, and how they integrate to create a holistic people offering. • Have an excellent understanding of your organisation’s business and people strategy, performance and sector trends. • Be a role model for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by reflecting on your work, connecting with networks of leaders, promoting a learning culture and enabling the development of others. • Comply with our Code of Professional Conduct.

Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management in 1985 from Doncaster Metropolitan Institute of Higher Education

HND Public Administration – De Montfort University (Formally Leicester Polytechnic) – 1980-82